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Replacing stock wheels/tires- need help


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I'm a complete newbie when it comes to this topic and I got two questions I'm dying to ask ( hope some of you subie experts will step forward...heh =)


a.) will the stock LGT 05 wheels fit on a 04 wrx


b.) I decided on Proxes 4 215/45ZR17 tires and Enkei RPM2 17x7 5x100 48mm offset ( 16.9lbs... oh yeah =) rims to replace my stock LGT 05 setup.

Is this a good choice? I really like the look of the Enkei wheels.


thx. for any help.


clicky ENKEI rims:


clicky PROXES 4 tires


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A) Yes


B) Yes, but you can also go with 225/45/17 Proxes4 instead. It's a more common tire size and it gives you a better ride quality on the daily drive.


B*) a lighter wheel is SSR Competitions at 12.5 lbs each for 17"x7.5" wider rim for better steering response on a 225/45/17 and larger tire selection.



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