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don't go to brakes plus.


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I went to Brakes-plus a month ago and got an alignment done on my recently purchased 2006 Subaru Legacy GT. I almost immediately got the car knocked out of alignment, so I went to a different Brakes-plus closer to my house today.


Apparently the technician at the last Brakes-plus used the wrong sized socket on my left rear eccentric nut (thankfully he used the right sized wrench on the eccentric bolt). And in the process rounded it up.


Today at the second location in my area, they used a pipe wrench on the same nut... and then they aligned only 3 wheels on my car claiming that they couldn't align the left rear wheel due to problems with my eccentric bolt or my eccentric nut (which they had put back on the car using the pipe wrench), or with my lower control arm. They decided to reel the toe on the left rear wheel as far in as they could and to align all 4 wheels in every other way. They told me that from then on the car was the local Subaru dealer's problem and that there was nothing that they could do. Luckily that dealer was right down the street, so I paid the manager of the store (still the second location) $50 for an incomplete alignment job.


I then went to the Subaru dealer who sold me a new nut for $1.50 and told me to take it back to Brakes-plus who said over the phone that they would re-align my car for free.


I drove my car back to Brakes-plus, who who jacked up the car on the lift, and put on the new nut with the right wrench. They then brought the car down off the lift and did not re-align it.


When I asked them to re-align the car, or at least check it out on the alignment machine, they responded by saying "there is no point in doing that. We can't align the car any further". This may or may not be true, we have no way of telling that because they did not put it back on the alignment machine. The manager then lectured me about how I did not know how to do an alignment and he did.


I told him even though the last car I owned was a 1995 Chevy Tahoe two door, which cannot be aligned in the rear, I knew that he was supposed to check his work.


At this point the manager was screaming at me telling me that there was no point, and then he also claimed that a 1995 Chevy truck aligns the same way that a 2006 Subaru Legacy does. I assure you, the two vehicles alignment systems are nothing alike considering the fact that the back of a 1995 Chevy truck doesn't have an adjustible alignment and that you therefor never re-align the rear wheels on a 1995 Chevy truck (unless you have really really screwed the car up), unlike a 2006 Subaru Legacy. Plus the manager was screaming at me which is totally unprofessional.


Currently my car pulls pretty hard to the right when I let go of the wheel, so tomorrow I am going to the Subaru Dealer to get a real alignment done, and if there are any problems with the eccentric bolt, or the lower control arm, then I will handle them as necsesary. Unfortunately however my warranty only covers front suspension parts, and not rear suspension parts... this is a bad coincidence and it does piss me off, but I will still deal with it.


I'm not saying that Brakes Plus did a bad job (although I do perceive them to have done so on two separate occasions), but I am saying that I am not going back to Brakes-plus ever again. I also recommend that if you ever see a Brakes-plus, and are in need of an alignment, DON'T GO IN!!! even though their alignment is only $50, the trouble that you may or may not go through is not worth the savings.


Here is a link to their website so that you can recognize and remember their store:



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Ok, I went to the Subaru Dealer today and had them put my car on their alignment machine. apparently Brakes-plus's machine was just way off... that and they treated me in an unprofessional manner. I'm still never going back there.
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sounds like a terrible experience


ask around in your regional forum for some good shops that members have used in the past, there has to be in your area, isn't cobb tuning around you? (i don't think they do alignment but i'm assuming there is a large enough aftermarket community there for cobb to be HQ'd there)

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