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5mt: synchro q

Dusty B

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I've read a bunch around here.... Found that most that have synchro problems with thier lgt 5mts have issues with the 3/4 synchro.


I have a 05 lgt wagon, 5mt. Purchased car with 39k on it, and currently has 50k now. I know for a fact the car was owned/driven by a mother of 2 in her 40's, and cannot forsee this woman beating on the car as it was meticulously maintained in and out, with all service records.....


I have had the car stage 1 for the past few months, and the car has only seen WOT runs maybe 6-7 times.


Just wondering if anyone else has had an inssue such as mine. To be clear: the gears do not grind upon engagement, no need to force or "slow" shift to shift properly... When shifting into second you can hear a sound kind of like how the old vhs vcrs sounded as they wound up to rewind a tape.... And yes, it's a different kind of sound than the normal whine of 1st and 2nd gear characteristic to subarus.

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Hey Dusty,


I had that when the car was brand new and through 10k+ miles. I swapped to a new transmission fluid and the sound dissapeared in all gears except when shifting into 5th at above 3000 rpms.

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I switched to AMSOIL 75w110 Severe Gear and put it in my trans/front diff (same thing).


I'm going to try Subaru Extra-S before this winter and see how that feels as well. Users of Extra-S, I think, have reported alot less syncro noise/feel.



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