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What wheels, size & offset are these?


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Any ideas? I can't work out if they are 18's or 19's, nor the offset / width being new to Legacy's.


Can't work out what brand / style they are either?







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That other post is almost right. The manufacture is a Japanese company called Sport Technic not Sportec and they do produce a lot of stuff for VW/Volvo/Porsche but also for Japanese cars as well.


The wheels are either the Mono 10 Vision or the Mono 10 Advantage 2. My guess is they are 18x7.5 +48mm Visions wrapped in a sub sized tire with 8mm or 10mm wheel spacers.


My reasoning behind this normally dimensioned wheel with outrageous mounting hardware is that according to their website Sport Technic doesn't produce anything in a 5x100 bolt pattern that would result in this type of bizarre fitment without some kind of rigging. They like most manufacturers produce wheels designed to fit cars without having to modify the car and the pictured setup just doesn't fall into that category.


The smallest offset they produce with a 5x100 pattern is +35mm and it is on the Mono 10 Advantage but those aren't the pictured wheels as the points where the spokes attach to the rim are not recessed enough. All their other wheels produced in 5x100 have a +48 to 50mm offset.


Long story short you can get the wheels but they won't produce that kind of offset unless you want to run spacers or get 5x100 to 5x114.3 adapters and a wheel with different dimensions.


FYI they are a PITA to source and if you special order them from Japan shipping may cost you as much as the wheels. http://www.sport-technic.jp/ for more information.

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Your right, however what scooby has pointed out is that +35 on the mono10 advantage is the lowest they make in a 5x100 configuration. this would give the look you posted above but that +35 has a lip which the picture above does not. so scooby pointed out that it is most likely 18×7.5 48 5x100---mono vision. with a spacer to give a more agressive offset.
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