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2000 legacy interchange parts with 2.5rs?

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Hey guys, I am the proud new owner of a 2000 BH5 legacy GT and I was hoping to do a few tasteful / functional modifications to tighten up the suspension feel and improve the driving experience.


Problem is, I am having trouble finding too many Legacy parts - it seems like most of my searches turn up things for the 05+ GT (understandably).


Since it seems the legacy shares the same motor with the 2.5RS I wonder if certain parts from that car will work for the GT.


Specifically, I see an AVO short shifter on sale for the 97-01 impreza at $40 and I wonder if this might fit in my car.


(I have seen many ebay ssks that seem to fit the regular impreza, the 2.5rs, and my BH5 but would trust something that is less generic)


Do any of you guys out there run BH5s with other 2.5rs parts?


Do any of you guys out there know where I can find a tighter OEM suspension for my car? like the Bilsteins from the B4?


Any comments will be most appreciated.





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Basically any newer style short throw shifter for an Impreza/Wrx/Legacy will work. They all have the same linkage.


I'm not quite sure what else you'd want to use from the RS, there really isn't that much worth swapping over because of the differences between the two cars.


Suspension wise, you can look into KYB Gr2's and mate them with H&R springs, it's a good combination and can't beat the price.

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Hey Bdubs, thanks for the clarification.


I spoke to one of the salesmen at Rallitek about the STS and he suggested that I may run into a problem with the mounting plate (I forget the exact term he uses but it is item #3 in this link), do you know if this is something I will encounter?




Also, as for the GR2s, I've seen them advertised as "OE replacement" struts. If this is the case, will I encounter long term issues with the lowering springs? Do you have a similar setup on your 91?

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You may not have to snip that metal piece. What the OP did there was because he had to customize the linkage. The early Legacy had a different linkage than what Subaru currently uses. Either way, if that's all you have to do, no big deal.


I have the GR-2's on my 91 with 04 wrx springs. But, you can use them to pair with any set of springs which give you moderate drop, (which is probably all you'd want anyway) without blowing them out.

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