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just got back from the dyno....


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well i got my 05 LGT ran on a dyno at Beyond Redline in Green Bay, WI last saturday. i just got done driving 2 hours to get there, then they ran it right away, i was hoping to let it cool down a bit. he said if i just fired my car up and it was still cool, i would have another 10 hp easy


out of 3 pulls, my best pull was:


261.37 awhp

303.04 ft/lbs of torque

@ 17.76 psi of boost



looks like i need to upgrade my intercooler. im running a stock intercooler, and it heatsoaks terribly.


included is my dyno sheet, followed by a 3rd gear pull on RR.

Dyno Pull 05 LGT.pdf


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With Romraider:

Engine Speed (rpm)

Engine Load (2-byte)* (g/rev)

Ignition Timing Total (degrees)


Knock Sum (count)

Manifold Rel. Pressure (psi) 4-byte

Mass Air Flow (g/s)

Primary Wastegate Duty Cycle (%)

Throttle Opening Angle (%)

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