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Dying from heat. Please help!!

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I have a 1993 Legacy Wagon. It spent all of its life so far in Maine and I have now moved to Florida. The air conditioner spits out nothing but hot air. The fan, vent and everything works great, just no cool air.


I am wondering if there is a way to convert the air system on the car from the old free-on type system to the new R134 or another type of system cheaply that will give me air conditioning to survive that heat of summer in Florida.


Any suggestions and tips would be fantastic.



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If you do not want to pay the money to upgrade to r134a, try Freeze 12 or Redtek. They are supposed to be compatible with the R12 that you have. I have put in Freeze 12 in my 1987 VW last year and they worked. This year It still work but I have to put in another two cans to get it colder because of a small leak in the system. In brief, put in 1 can of oil, one can of stop leak and then the rest Freeze 12. You need a vacuum pump, and a manifold gauge ( both Harborfreight.com ) and a side tap to make life easier. You can find Freeze 12 on ebay but Redtek need to be ordered from the manufacturer.
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