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new wheels


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Yea well since no one on here can help, i fixed my ****** rubbing issue myself. Out of all the subi's i have owned this is by far has the flimsiest sheet metal. I used a piece of 2 inch by 2 ft bar and rolled the fenders by hand. Yea i simple put the bar againste the liup and pulled up and in looks great. and thw wheels fine now. Thanks for the help
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Wow, chill out a bit man. Maybe you should have started by SEARCHING.
lol you've got to love it.


I am going to bite my tongue and not comment on your use of the English language or the hilarious fact that you put a +37mm offset wheel on you LGT and just expected it to work. Not to mention you somehow missed the giant thread stickied at the top of this forum section labeled FAQ: Offsets, Sizes for Rims and Tires on the GT!


Here is a tip I won't even make you search for Subaru's aren't diesel trucks. ;)

The Ridiculousness is no more :( But you can have your very own piece of it. **The Ridiculous Part Out.** :D
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