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Getting Speakers need opinions..


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So i can not take this factory sound anymore. I want to upgrde my sound system with a cleansweep, new speakers, and amp them. The amp i am using will be puing about 100-105 watts/ channel..


I do not want to get a sub, i am looking for components that will give some bass... i know i will never have that shaking of a sub but i want that SQ hard hit though thru the speakers.


I am going to use dynomat type of stuff to deadend the doors.


the speakers i am looking at is


Boston Acoustics PRO60SE

Alpine SPX-17PRO

MB Quarts PVI216


CDT i started reading up on this brand. Looks like HD/ES is a good line.



What are your opinions for SQ/With decent MIdbass

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My advice is to stay away from the Quarts. Have the PVF216 now and regret the purchase. Cheaply made. Overly harsh in the upper midrange freq. Xover went bad two weeks after purchase, and on the plastic/nylon baskets where the wire connections are made, both broke just lightly snugging the terminals by hand.


The midbass will come mainly from your door prep. Consider sealing the larger openings with ABS plastic/silicone, then sealing the whole inside panel with dampening material. This encloses the speaker isolating the front and rear waves, which can cancel out frequencies most noticeably in the mid-bass range.


When adjusting your amp, consider a highpass on your mids in the 50-60hz range at 18db/oct. This will give you the sense of more bass w/o the sub. You will need to be more careful on raising your volume listening for clipping/disortion.

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Dynaudio FTW....however I'm not sure that you can get their tweeters to fit in the factory location because of their size. If you don't like the overly harsh upper freq JL's C2's and C5's have a pretty sweet soft dome tweet that sounds really nice.
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