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Big Ups to Infamous1


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Anyone who may be debating whether or not have Infamous1 do a remote tune or a on site tune you, I can vouch its worth it. He did my OBXT 5EAT stage 1 tune today and what a world of difference. It was well worth every penny. My car drives and runs soooo much better than the Cobb AP map. I thought the AP flash was good and could not believe the difference, but after he hooked it up it is way more fun to drive. Smoothed it out and got way more power out of it. Guess who I am going to see as soon as I go stage 2? Shamar is a true professional, and very good at what he does. Thanks Shamar.



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Because it is sunny all the time ;)


seriously! the west coast seems to be much more tuner populated than over here (well the northeast, at least)... nice weather means more nice cars, i would think... which leads to more (good) tuners ;)

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