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2009 OBXT in SWP


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I have a 2nd vehicle for such things.


I did notice a perceived improvement in the outback compared to the legacy when it came to brakes.. BUT.. after one panic stop at one of those damn photo-ticket stop lights I realized its exactly that.. perception... my lgt stops WAY shorter than that outback I had.. and doesn't lean forward like an old lady getting out of a chair to do it.


do the 2.5i obs and upper trim have different brakes? I seem to recall this on the legacy 2.5i I had as a loaner as well.


ya know DJ the loaner I had was bronze, and.. its a really cool color on these cars. They do it well.

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Either floor it or slam the brakes with the gestapo photo-ticket intersections.



The mush went away with my OB. Not sure if the brake master cylinder was upgraded or is different than newer model Legacy sedans? Definite improvement over my 2007 Legacy wagon. I still plan on upgrading to hawks and SS lines for better braking performance.

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Took mine to a state park again over the weekend. Loved it on those root paved over one lane roads and potholes. I do have to say improved braking and a tiny bit stiffer back end would be nice. I think SS lines and a sway bar along with larger brakes would make it even better. IMHO.
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