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Racing Brake 2-piece rotors -- anyone have? Comments? Track time?


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I have front racing brake 2 piece rotors and I have them paired with Cobb pads, HPS I believe, they are the street pads. Never tracked the car so can't say how they perform under extreme conditions, never had an issue canyon carving. What I can tell you is they are impressive IMO for city driving, they stop on a dime, especially with good summer rubber. I couldn't feel much of a performance gain from the less rotational weight. I got them mainly because a local had them for sale, 4 rotors, 2 piece in the front, regular RB's in the rear for 350$ for all 4 with 3000 miles on them. I'm not sure if they are worth the top dollar asked for them, which I belive is close to a grand. If they are that much I would just go with a big brake kit.
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I've personally seen 2 sets of them blowup on track.


I know of at least a few race teams that used them until the blew apart on track.


PM me for details.



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