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Radar detector install


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So today I was starting to replace my XTR-140 with an XTR-695 by hardwiring it to a 12V wire up on the map light panel. The connectors seemed to be a bit different, so I cut the wires, exchanged the connector plugs, and soldered the wires together again.


When I plug in my XTR-695, it doesn't turn on; however, the blue signals at the top flicker faintly every second or so, as if it were trying to turn on but didn't have enough power. I took my voltmeter and tested the voltage everywhere; 12-12.1 steady voltage everywhere.


The only thing I can think of is maybe the wire I am using does not let enough current flow through to let the radar turn on? Does anyone know if an XTR-695 would necessarily draw more current than an XTR-140? I guess I could get a thicker wire and see if that works?

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