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JDM Bumper


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Hi Guys,


I have some questions here hope someone can give me some help.


Last week my 05GT front bumper was damage by a guy who drive by too close for his right turn end up I need to replace the bumper. Due to I still need to wait for the insurance claim I have a thought why don't I replace with a jdm bumper??


So, my question are:


1. Who sell the jdm bumper here in north america for good price, prefer one in canada.


2. Can I modify my usdm bumper beam instead of order a new jdm beam? (Insurance may not pay me that much for all the parts)


3. Will the under engine cover fit with the jdm bumper?


4. Will the original grill fit with jdm bumper?


5. Will the mounting point of jdm bumper fit to my 05 GT?


I think I have a week or so to gather all the info before I need to bring to the shop, if anyone of you have done that or even have some pictures to show me that will be great..


Thanks in advance..




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Does anyone here in Toronto who has JDM bumper on?


Do you mind to share some experience? e.g. do you have jdm beam? anything I need to aware of beside of the bumper beam?



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You should send a PM to HKC-Speed on this forum.


He is in Vancouver and a vendor and might have a bumper or two and install hardware at his warehouse right now.


Thanks Geoff for the support!!




We have a used spec B bumper with the conversion pieces to make it fit minus the grille. Grille you can choose separately and let me know what you want to go with.


Give me a shout if you are interested. The bumper is in Vancouver and can deliver within a couple days. I'm pretty sure we are one of the guys that's sold the most conversions in North America - maybe even the most?




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Roger that one...lot's of great grille's out there to choose from...the pictures give you two great ones...JDM Honeycomb and Corazon!




Hi Jimmy,


Is that mean the original grill won't fit with the JDM bumper?




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HKC-Speed, I'm looking for the same setup as Jim_KT and johndas (specifically Rev.A-C Spec.b bumper, Rev.D Grille, and STI lip). Are you able to provide the bumper in any OEM color, or are you subject to what you have on-hand?


I would be looking for that setup in Garnet Red Pearl (33J) to be purchased by early July.

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