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Best Tire Size for 18x8.5 Wheels


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the tire is beyond the fender there. what did you do to prevent the fender from hitting the tire over large bumps?


255s was the most i could manage under motorsports conditions without making fender contact on just a pulled fender.


race tires for race track. no bumps. :lol:


I did a quick run around the parking lot, then spent $1000 in shop time trying to make them fit for real. Short of cutting sheet metal, adding flares & spacers, making a custom rear arm that was inset, running really stiff springs or all 4; nothing worked.


I eventually sold the rims (18x9.5) and gave away the tires and bought 17x8 Enkei PF01 with 235/40/17 BFG R1's. I was pulling more G's than I could safely stay seated for, so never went down the wider tire route again.


I did try one last set of tires on the 18x9.5 before I sold them - a set of 245 R1's, however, as you can see, they didn't fit well either. I had one smoking hill climb in them tho. Rubbed all the way up and back down. :mad:


The other shot shows the "normal" 225's mounted on 18x8's.



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ok, so no fit then :lol:


i got 255s hoosier A6's to fit within the fender, barely, with -3.2 rear camber and a 10mm spacer tot keep the rear tire from rubbing inboard using a 18x8.5 +48 wheel.


these cars have more room in the front than the rear. the placement of the rear shock supports on the unibody makes anything wider than a 245 a chore in the back. you can do a 275 in the front but you will need coilovers with a short spring to keep the lower perch ring above the tire and like -3.5 camber and a fender pull.

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I had already put in the bc c/o, so there was more room on the inboard. The problem in the rear is lowering forces the rear wheel to move forward an inch or so. GiroDisc had a solution where he drilled a new hole in the arm and moved it back to the correct location. FreeRangeRacing has a similar solution, too.


As you found, the fronts will take a much bigger wheel/tire than the rear. Ideally, I'd have done the arm mod, cut the rear sheet metal, and added flares with a small spacer.


the other option is a custom subframe like the sti racers do. Add a small "tub" into the rear deck to allow for the camber (I rubbed on the inside, too), add small flares; and I could have run a much higher camber with wider tires.


As I was targeting the race track and not upgrading to a full cage, a super wide tire was not required. It was more of a want thing.

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yes, i was at the point where id ruin the car if i tried for wider tires.


funny now how my mx-5 will take 255's on a 9" wheel with room to spare with just a fender lip roll and can fit up to 275s with full suspension movement. its stupid how little room the 4th gens have in the back. it should hacve been built to come with 245's from the factory.

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you went to all that work for the suspension and then run skinny tires? doesn't make sense. 17x7 wheels? or 17x8 ?


17x8 wheels with 225 tires will be more than enough tire. You could run 235's on the 17x8 for a really meaty look. Should fit without rubbing.


Talking to me? If so when I originally bought the car I had no intention of doing any upgrades. Then I came across a deal on new rota grids 17x8 +44 for $635 shipped w/ a set of muteki lug nuts so I bought them. And instead of buying new tires I figured I would just reuse the tires that were on the car when I bought it since they were brand new.


A little skinny and stretched for my taste but it'll do. Fast forward to today. I'm now lowered and looking to go 18x8 or 18x8.5 but don't want to rub. I went with 18x8 235/45/18's on my 06 sti lowered more than my lgt on bc br's with no issues. So I was hoping to do the same.

Alex D.

JDM Prestige Motors


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If this helps, here is a pic of my '06 LGT..it is the silver one......stock suspension height...wheels are OZ 18x8 +48 offset....tires are Kuhmo ASX 235/40/18 ... never came anywhere near to rubbing on the fenders or the struts.


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Recently got 18x9 wheels and was thinking about getting 235/40/18 tires. Would there be any problems with that setup? Rubbing or even if they would fit in general. I'm on completely stock suspension but will probably get Swift springs later down the line.
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