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Newbie looking at a '01 Legacy Twin Turbo


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Hi all.


Apologies for my first post being a load of questions, but I've my eye on a car, and I'm half afraid it'll be sold from under me! :redface:


I'm not overly familiar with all the variants of the different models, but I have a vague idea. This car has me stupmed!:confused:


Specs of the car (according to the dealer) are:


2001 B4 Estate

100k kms

Auto with Tiptronic on the Steering Wheel

Metallic paintwork

Driver airbag

Passenger airbag

Side airbags

Side Impact Protection System

Air conditioning

Climate Control


Alarm remote controlled

Anti theft system


Central locking


Outside temperature meter

Parking sensor

Rain sensor

17" light alloy wheels

Leather upholstery

Bumper and mirror in color

Windows front + rear electric

Electric heated mirrors

Front armrest

Electrically adjustable seats

Adjustable steering column/wheel

Folding rear seats

Rear armrest

Rear headrests

Limited slip differential

Headlight washers

Heated screen

Roof rails


Rear spoiler

Self levelling suspension

Tinted glass

Xenon lights


For this bucket of magnificence, they're asking €5,500.:wub:


Using the images attached, can you help me figure out the exact model type?

From what I know...

There was never a B4 Estate/Wagon?

It's got the GT-B badging on the back, so that points to it being a GT-B.

But on the front grille, there's a badge that I can't make out next to the Subaru badge. Only models that I know of that have badges there are the B4 and the Blitzen.

The Blitzen has a Porsche bodykit though, so it's not a Blitzen.

The interior is colour-coded leather, with the shiney surround around the centre console. Does that point to a specific model?


Anyways, as you can tell, I'm all sorts of confused!:confused:

If anyone can help me with this, they'll have a friend for life!;)








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Beautiful/nice looking car......How does she drive and ride? Is everything working as it should and was the car well maintained (or beaten up)? What is the condition of the turbo(s) and the drive train? ~62,000 miles for an 01 is low miles, we're at 61,000 miles on our 05. Price is ~7,750$ right? Considering the listed options and looking at the photos, you may have a good buy......Only let down is the auto instead of manual tranny......Peace
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Did you buy this car? Still want any advice? I can give you some as I have a GT-B too. Not sure where you are located (I suspect Ireland given the rego's of the cars in the photo) and if this car is a Jap Import. You can tell a Jap import on 2 counts (1) inside drivers door, the tyre pressure sticker is in Jap (2) Speedo goes to 180 Km/h. GT-B's destined as original non-Jap sales (only NZ) go to 240km/h. Anyway one thing you really need to consider buying this car outside of Japan/NZ is the fuel needed to run it on. If this is a Jap car, its designed to run on 101 octane fuel, and if you are in Ireland (I am English btw, living in Auckland, NZ) I assume the fuel is the same as UK, ie max 95 Octane (called Super unleaded at Shell etc). Anyway this fuel is wrong for the car, and will cause it to pink/ping, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engine_knocking) which is a regular/sporadic metalic rattling noise when you accelerate reasonably hard, esp under load. Its damaging to the engine. In Europe, unless you can get 98 Octane (avail in BP in NZ & called Ultimate) I would not buy this car. 98 although not perfect is as good as you can get outside of 101 octane to run it on. Anyway let me know if you need more advice.


Car 'looks' in good condition. That Silver dash fashia looks to be original although I originally posted it was after market. This URL shows a B4 in Australia with that dash. Not sure which level of trim is come under. I am not an expert on that, sorry.




The grille badges available on Legacy's are Blitzen (only saloon cars), B4 (only saloon cars), and E-Tune (indicating its an E-Tune II variant avail on estate/wagon cars only, indicating better level of trim), and S401 (which is the rare 290bhp version which I doubt u will ever see, and are saloons only). Given the front of the car, and really visible by the lights this is a Rev1-c version. The most up to date models of this car are the Rev-D (which I have) which have a different light config.


Hey this URL gives a lot of good general info.



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