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I wanted to introduce two meets that are going to happen one on May 30th and check out the other thread for the Sac meet.



What: The Subaru Dealership in Napa,Ca (Jenson Motor Center) is having a Subaru meet and the Subaru Racing Team will be visiting also.


When: May 30th 2009


Where: Jenson Motor Center (495 Soscol Ave Napa,CA 94559)


I will go back and get more information on what is happening tomorrow.

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alright tomorrow i definitively will be up at jensons as my lgt is misfiring thats not cool and so then i will get the info.


and COME ON PPL lets get alot of people from the area to show up i know i see alot of lgt's floating around the north bay come out the garage already and show up!!!

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so here is all the info you might need ill keep you updated if anything else is on





It's going to be super cool..


We will have a group of cars cruise together with ESX Motorsports up to Napa Valley on May 29th.


**pics are from previous events**



(If you are not exactly from the greater LA area you can catch us as we are going up the coast... just let us know so we can coordinate our stops).


But you can also join the actual cruise part of the event.. where cars from all the surrounding areas and socal get together on the following Morning

(May 30).




All cars welcome and for those that live further away consider it a nice summer trip with lots of car fun.


The cruise will end at Jenson Subaru which will sponsor free food, drinks, and raffle along with other cool stuff. AND the ESX race cars will be on display!





We have organized some huge events down in socal and they are known to be fun and well organized... you can also view videos on youtube.


here is just one link


To Summarize

May 29th We are going up the coast (for those that it applies to)

May 30th We are doing a big cruise in the Napa area + Jenson Motor invite.



Register to be VIP.

You can not join if you don't register.

(we are keeping it organized)




Would need to know:


Full name


Location city,state

Car you drive


**you will get more info to your email later **


You can spread the word at your local meets and give out the email for those you think might want to join. We know this might be far for some, but we are still giving drivers the option to decide what they wish to do... as we are having this event.

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