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What cars were you originally considering before you bought your LGT?

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I'm curious to see what everyone was cross-shopping when they finally decided to buy their car.


I'm 26 and had a budget of $14,000 and the loan required it to be within 5 years old.


The four other cars that made my top 5 were (in no particular order) ...


2. 2003-04 Honda Accord Coupe V6 w/ Nav

3. 2003-04 Infiniti G35 Sedan

4. 2003-04 Impreza WRX

5. 2003-04 Audi A4


I'm curious what everyone else was looking for, namely because it seems that the car seems to be going in a more generalized direction and with the exception of the Accord Coupe, that really wasn't what I was shopping for.

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Audi A3 3.2L 4-quattro

04+ WRX wagon 5spd MT

Thats about it at the time, I knew I had to have AWD and a wagon or I was gnna get nothing at all.


I had the Gen before my 05 Legacy and I couldnt believe how fantastic the new GT was. No complaints here what so ever!

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My criteria were wagon, AWD or RWD, manual transmission, so the choices that were available were:


05 Audi A4 Avant 2.0T

05 Volvo V50 T5 AWD

05 BMW 325xi and 325i wagon


The Passat 4-Motion was excluded by lack of a manual transmission. The WRX wagon was excluded because it's so much uglier than the LGT wagon. :lol: (IMO, this problem was rectified in the 08 and later Imprezas, where the 5-door is better looking than the 4-door.)

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03-05 Accord 4 cyl

06+ Sonata 4 cyl

04-05 WRX




I decided to sell both my cars and get something that would be fun and somewhat economical. I didn't want to deal with all of the issues the E46 has, the WRX was too small and there didn't seem to be much aftermarket support for the Mazdaspeed6.

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The LGT (s.B) was (is) going to be replacing my wife's 04 FXT 5spd. She wanted a manual, AWD, four doors, near $40K but cheaper was fine too:), and some powah.


I put together a list and we looked at and test drove the following:

(some were automatics if a stick wasn't available to test or existed from the mfr.)


08 MS6

08 Volvo S40 turbo

06 Volvo S60R (this one was used at the V dealer)

Passat V6 4-motion (no stick avail, but we looked anyway)

08 328xi (dealer had no manuals to drive as they didn't stock stick shift kraut-mobiles with a roundel on them...)

08 335xi (see 328xi comment for more of the same)

08 Lexus IS250 AWD

08 Infiniti G35X (auto)

08 MB E300 (auto)

08 Audi A4 2.0T (auto, dealer didn't have a stick avail.)

08 LGT (5 speed) <--my dad later bought the car we test drove.

08 LGT s.B



My wife favorites were:

06 S60R (research showed this was not a smart choice for reliability)

08 S40 (same as S60R comments)

08 LGT

08 LGT s.B


(I was secretly hoping an LGT variant would win her over and she opted for the s.B :cool:)


Now at Stage II, the wifey thinks only a 335xi might have been "nicer", but she claims that she's plenty happy and wouldn't get the 335xi today even if we could afford the 49K !!! the thing we drove stickered for.

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Cars considered before the Legacy:


2006 Porsche Caymen

2007 BMW 328i (boy was this a bad move)

2007 Audi RS4

2008 BMW 135i


Suffice to say, given gas prices, handling, maintenance, bang for buck, and the future of our economy in the next 4 or 5 years, I chose the Legacy. Plus I always loved my Subarus from the 05 2.5 RS to the 2007 WRX STi (still regret selling it).

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My wife was 8 months pregnant car shopping and was considering


1) Saab 9-5 Wagon (used)

2) BMW 3 or 5 series wagon (used)

3) Audi A4 wagon(used)

4) Passat wagon

4) Subaru wagon was distant last on her list but this was 2005 when 2004 prior ugly (in her opinion) cars were what she expected. She did not love my 04 WRX wagon.


She went to Subaru dealer to test drive Saab & BMW used but was shown also 2005 LGT wagon and said she wanted it if 5MT. I was very impressed when she brought it home on an extended test drive.


She has no regrets and is bummed out on the prospect of owning a minivan likely soon (she wants a third child). Thankfully I get the LGT :)

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I put together a list and we looked at and test drove the following: (some were automatics if a stick wasn't available to test or existed from the mfr.)


08 MS6


There was no 08 MS6, only 05-07. My best friend has one, it makes for interesting car conversations, lol.


When buying last spring I test drove:

2008 Infiniti G35x (super quiet/comfortable, status symbol)

2008 VW R32 (awesome brakes, too small, kinda pricy, bad reliability rep)

2008 Evo X MR (didn't feel at home on the street, exhaust drone in the back seat stock, incredible trans+brakes, insane price tag)

2008 LGT 5EAT (unmatched bang for the buck/versatility, great sleeper)


Some weekends I kick myself for not buying the Evo, but the Leggy is best for my day to day commute.

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