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Brembo Gran Turismo BK, Caliper 1 A??? Need advide


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It's 1A1.6010A brake kit.


For Sale, Make reasonable offer.

I'm buying new STI brembo upgrade kit. Don't have time and patience to collect parts.

Need 1 bleeder screw $8

2 Nuts for mounting bracket.

Brake lines.











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Don't take this the wrong way but if you don't know what the "gold thing" is, you probably shouldn't be doing brake work. Second, call Brembo, give them the part numbers you have and based off those, they should be able to get you whatever parts you need.
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LOL I won't, plus I don't do any mechanical work on my car at all. Ya i just couln't remember the name. bleeder valve. I think I can find all the needed parts, It's just gonna take patience :)
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