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how to access the speedometer

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I bought a Subaru legacy 2.0R AWD in Switzerland 2 years ago and now I moved back to the UK where I want to register it however the speedometer is in km/h and I need to change it to mph. I have been told by DVLA that is enough to change the dial and not the entire speedometer (that will cost me a fortune). Do you known where in the UK I can get a dial with both km/h and mph that will fit on my speedometer?

Another option is to apply some sticker on the current dial (it will look bit odd but will do the work) that will show mph however I have no idea how to access and open the speedometer. Is there any guide available on the internet I can use for this work? I tried to search for it but without any success. Do you think is a difficult work that needs expert hands?







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I don't know what the interior looks like exactly in your car, but it isn't that hard in any subies. The gauge cluster comes out, you can take it apart, and replace the face. You don't need to replace the whole speedo, just the face. And you should be good. You could put stickers, but then it wouldn't backlight through the stickers. Your other option is to custom make one, if you have access to a laser cutter, it could be cool.
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