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Buying a B4 2000 Model and Kit question

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Hi there Guys, My names Adam Saiyad

Im from Zimbabwe Africa .

Im just about a to buy a legacy B4.

I own a Subaru impreza Type-r 1997 Sti, with a DCCD controller.

Deadly car done alot of work to it.

Vf34 Turbo Big mouth Down pipe and Changed the Exhaust housing to a P20 housing from a Vf22 Turbo for More Top end.

the Rest pretty Standard Running 1 Bar boost.

Now Back to the legacy B4

Its a 2000 Model with about 120 000 kms

Not sure what to expect i know they are twin turbo

As light as the subaru Impreza Wrx

But not sure of problems Etc

Subaru are generally a good car.

Clutch goes often enough

And tires is there anything else i should watch out for .

How much is a twin Turbo setup roughly should they fail

Ps i also want to fit a Aftermarket Bumper and Kit.

Could any one help and let me know what kit this is from this website and where i can possibly Buy it ?



Thanks Guys appreciate all your input

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Um, I'm not sure how many people are super familiar with the non USDM market, from what I've seen on here most are from north america, but we are always willing to learn new stuff, I just don't know how much help off the bat a lot of us will be able to provide, but do post pictures
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I will certainly post pics.

I am still wondering about those Bumpers ?

Any ideas guys.

The Usdm market is almost the same with the Japanese Market cars.

They differ Slightly in the sense that their emmissions controls are tighter and better.

Also safety aspects are also a big thing in america.

But body parts and Suspension are the same .

Turbos too

Not sure if that spreads some light and maybe you guys can throw back some info for me

Ps will try and post pics of the subaru and Hopefully i have some questions about that too.




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Hi there guys sorry havent uploaded pics yet.

Ive bought the car i mentioned and it appears its been abused slightly.

It has a white line race brace underneath at the back of the car.

Full racing exhaust.

Standard Bilstein suspension front and back.


But there are some issues with suspension

Ball joints and possiby tie rod ends.

Rear end has issues with the diff making a knocking noise when changing gears.

Fuel filter never been changed.

Racing Perrin Air filter never been washed.

And it has had a Rear end accident.

So its Not in a good way .

So i have to change suspension odds and ends what would you guys suggest i do to get it back to scratch ?

And will i have to remove the whole back end to get the diff off ?

Please help guys

Further more the O2 sensor has been disconnected but not error check light or anything ?

Is it possible a car can have the o2 sensor disconnected and still run ok.

It appears the o2 sensor that has been replaced does not have the right connector on it ? is there a way to rewire it to the Subaru Wiring loom?

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind Regards

Adam Saiyad

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The Usdm market is almost the same with the Japanese Market cars.


I'm sorry, no. They are TOTALLY different. USDM didn't even get the WRX till 02, and the STi till 04... And they never got the twin turbo's either (just got 2.5 N/A's instead... fail). Body parts are almost always different too, yes they swap, fitment is the same, but USDM always gets different bumpers, which all suck might i add ;)



Um, sorry bout that little rant. Now the twin turbo... what are you planning to do with that car? Cause the sequential system does NOT lend itself to modification. If power is on the cards, a single turbo conversion needs to be done, but you need to find V5/6 parts for it to do it. If you only want to do little power mods, and apexi AVC-R would go well, such as some intake mods and an new exhaust. 2.5" is the recommended for the TT. Suspension parts, you will need to buy from japan.

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Hi Rueben


Thanks for your response.

I have been driving the car all of today and the power seems ok not great....

But wait the Lambda sensor on the exhaust manifold wasnt plugged in because its not the correct version sensor i need an original

But if the lambda sensor is unplugged surely there should be a fault code on the dash?

is there a way to bypass it ?

Plus at about between 80 and 100 kms an hour the car starts wagging under load like shift side to side ?

when you de accel the car is fine ?

Could that be the steering rack causing problems ?

Please let me know hope to hear from you soon.

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