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P2135 - Anyone know exactly what this means?


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So coming home today I got a check engine. Manged to limp the car into a parking lot and called home to ask my wife to bring the COBB AP.


I got a code P2135 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch “A”/“B” Voltage Rationality.


I did a search, but cannot fine exactly what this means and what the issue/fix is.


Anyone know?

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^I'm dead serious. Is the hook that secures your floormat broken by any chance? My floormat slides around on occasion, and I got this exact same code. From what I understand, the TPS and TBPS communicate with one another, and, if there is some sort of discrepancy it will throw a code. In my case, I was depressing the throttle, but the floormat was stopping the pedal from its normal range of motion. Check engine light/limp mode/ the whole shebang.
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