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Centering stock exhaust?


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I just got a new '09 LGT a few days ago and I noticed that the stock exhaust isn't centered perfectly. The right side isn't bad but the left is a little off center. Is there an easy way to adjust the positing of it to get it to line up with the cut-out in the bumper perfectly? I tried moving it with my hand but it didn't help much, if at all. Thanks!
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What I did is a little ghetto, but worked pretty well. I mainly did it to tuck the tips up closer to the body and even them out since one was lower than the other.


I set a jack under the muffler (use a towel so it doesn't scratch) itself and cranked it up til was where I wanted it. Then I used some real thick and wide zipties connecting the hangers of the muffler to the ones on the chassis. I have a cable tie gun that I used to tighten them up really well.


If you look under the car you can see that if you can find a way to get the muffler to sit where you want (ie closer to one side or the other) the hangers are situated so that you can just strap them together to keep the muffler there.


Hope that helps and makes sense.

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