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Dyno Tune or Email Tune?


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Forgive the total newbie questions but I am completely new to tuning. I've done a fair bit of reading on the subject but am still pretty lost (and probably always will be). Here are my current power mods:


09 Spec.B

Crucial DP

Borala CBE

K&N drop-in filter

Tactrix cable


My question is pretty simple I think, do I do logging myself and send to Infamous (who I've already been in contact with) or do I take it to a local shop that does dyno tuning? Infamous is going to charge me $150, the dyno guys want $150/hr - guessing 1-3 hours. So is it worth possibly 3x as much to do a dyno tune?


I'm not looking for huge power, just a nice bump with my mods - most important is reliability - this is my daily driver.


Thanks everyone, if I'm asking dumb questions please forgive me...



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I agree with the others as I've been dyno tuned in Boulder and parted ways with that tune in favor of my own open source tune. I think you'll be in good shape either way but with an e-tune you'll save money, learn more, and have an active role in what is happening with your car.

My '05 LGT

My '07 Supercharged Shelby

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