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DeNiro in new Subaru commercial.. (probably not for the US lol)


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Another interesting hit on my Google news search for Subaru




WASHINGTON TWP.--A caravan of trailers and equipment invaded Schooley's Mountain Road on Tuesday, April 14, for that most essential of American economic functions: the making of a television commercial.




Even though the spot, shot in front of the Schooley's Mountain General store, starred actor Robert DeNiro, it won't be seen outside of Japan.



At least two dozen large equipment trailers accompanied the event, bringing a circus atmosphere to the Schooley's Mountain Fire Department from the break of dawn.



Sasha Tsyriln, location manager for Tool of North America, the Los Angeles-based production company that filmed the commercial, said they had donated money to the fire company for the use of the property. Unspecified donations were also made to the General Store and the Police Department, according to Joby Ochsker, producer for Tool.



Peter Andrich, owner of the store, said he got the first call asking about using the location about a week-and-a-half prior to the filming.



"They're going to be here a lot of the day," he said, "but I understand that they have to get DeNiro out by 12:30 p.m.



"I guess somebody liked the look of the store, but I don't really know how they found it," Andrich said.



With a new, white Subaru model parked in front of the store and off-duty policemen stationed about a hundred yards in either direction to stop traffic, the shoot began in earnest with DeNiro's arrival around 9 a.m.



"He's really a very shy type of person," ventured Richard Dubois, who has spent the last five years following DeNiro as his paid body double. "He's also a wonderful guy, but I know he won't allow you to photograph him or talk with him."



Tsyriln was also involved in enforcing other "don'ts," such as making sure no photographs of the Subaru were taken. The new model isn't due for its showroom debut until June, although an identical duplicate was trailered at the firehouse in case of an equipment failure for the real star of the show, the vehicle.



"We have already shot the glamour shots," said Ochsker, who referred to the entire process with the acronym ITC, for Intermittent Traffic Control.



Almost immediately after De Niro arrived, he got into the front passenger seat of the vehicle. A call for quiet was matched by the officer's halting traffic in either direction.



DeNiro got out of the Subaru, closed the door and turned , resting a notepad on the top of the vehicle. He wrote something in the pad, pocketed it and walked slowly around the rear of the car and up the steps of the store to the front porch.



Then he did it again. Then he did it a third time.



Dubois said he'd be off to the afternoon location in nearby Asbury, Warren County, where, if the rain held off, they'd shoot some driving scenes.



Dressed in a dark coat that was somewhat longer than DeNiro's, he was quickly summoned to sit inside the Subaru, for a shot of the back of his head.



A trio of fire company members manned the department in case of an emergency.



"They've been real good," said Joe Castellanos, the president of the Schooley's Mountain Fire Association. "We're been conferring with them and they've done anything we've asked."



Chief Bill Nickle and Joe Glennon were also at the fire house in case they were needed.



"We have to make sure they keep the bays with the trucks clear, just in case," Castellanos said.



"DeNiro stayed inside while he was up here, in a trailer," he said.



"I know we got a contribution from the production company for the department, but I don't really know the dollar amount," Castellanos said.



Local officials said they expect the production company to return for further shooting at a local park in the immediate future.



"We don't know when it will be exactly, but they have their permit," said Washington Township Deputy Administrator Deborah Byrd.

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough. - Mario Andretti
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