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Another successful Mickey Stage 1 v.6 project


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boost is just creeping up to 16.3 in 5th gear only

the car Feels MUCH smoother and stronger


should I be concerned about the added fuel at idle?

K&N panel filter with snorkel in place


and how about the 1.4 of FKLC - is that something to be worried about?


thanks again mickey for a GREAT starting point for stage 1


car is a '05 LGT 5MT

learning view stage 1 day 2.csv


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Why do people start the same thread in 2 forums simultaneously?


Easy, you are likely to get twice as much information. I normally don’t double post threads but if I’m having an issue(cough, headers leaking) I can’t find a lot of info. on I will occasionally double post a thread in hopes one of two will come back with a solution. In my case for the headers issue on this forum here I haven’t received any helpful info. on what do. On nasioc though for once I was able to get several good suggestions on what to do.

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Mickey is right - change the filter.


Other items that I consider beneficial when looking at somebody's log:


What was the outside temperature when you logged your run? Was your intercooler heat soaked or did you have it nice and cool?


What gear were you in? (shoudl be 3rd for m/t)


What octane is your gas?


I never logged at stage 1, but since I have been logging I have not got knock in that RPM region. My knock has been near the 5200 and the 6000 RPM region.


One of the biggest improvements I ever did was to gut my up-pipe cat in my 05 GT, stage 1 and a gutted up-pipe was a fun ride. Do you still have your up-pipe cat?



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