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Possible 05 LGT Wagon Purchase


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Just wanted to introduce myself here and ask some questions for my first post. I am a new found believer in Subarus after this recent winter we had in Oregon and having to rely on my wifes Impreza when my accord couldn't even get out of the garage. Just recently we found out that my wife is pregnant so I figured now would be the time to upgrade to a more family friendly car that will be fun to drive.


I have been looking around at some dealerships for an LGT wagon and came across a 2005 LGT wagon automatic with a little under 26,000 miles on it for $18,000 which is just slightly under Kelley Blue Book.


I was planning to go and test drive it this weekend and take a look at it. Is there anything that I need to look for and listen for when test driving this car? Any certain questions I should ask? Was there any recall issues with the 05 LGT?


I'm really excited about the idea of potentially owning an LGT and can't wait to get behind the wheel. Any help or advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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One thing I'd do is to have the car taken into another Subie dealership for a pre-purchase inspection. That way, they can give it a once-over and provide you a full report, for around $100 typically. This is for your peace of mind only; the car's still under factory warranty.


But during your test-drive, if you're concerned about noise, ignore any rattling inside the car. Those are "feature enhancements." Focus more on noise and unsettling vibrations coming from the tranny, engine compartment, tires, etc.


I'd recommend "flooring" or punching the gas at least once to see if the tranny acts like it's slipping in between gears when downshifting. If it seems like it's slipping, not that the tranny is bad, but there's a VB upgrade which would help cure that.


There were a couple of TSB's for the 05 LGT. I believe one was a fan relay recall? If you do a search, you'll easily find some results.


This car has a ton of features. It's probably best to take the time and read through the owner's manual (wondering if it's posted online). Then, when checking the car out, try out all of the features / look out for all of the tools / accessories and ensure everything's in place.


According to KBB the price seems right for a retail in my ZIP code. The car is still under factory warranty, which helps add to the value. 15K is the sweet spot for a private deal. I just got my LGT wagon for a bit under 15K via a private deal.



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So I went and test drove the wagon today. I must say I'm extremely impressed with the smoothness of the ride and the speed. It accelerates very quickly and handles quite well. I'm hoping that it is still there once I get my car sold so I can go and try to work a deal with them.
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Thanks guys! I forgot to mention that when I went for the test drive I acutally found out it was an LGT Limited with leather, heated seats, and dual climate controls. I will be in Spain for the next couple of weeks so I'm hoping that it will still be there when I get back so I can hustle my accord off and then go cut a deal with them. Just keeping my fingers crossed at this time.
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