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Cost efficient 2005 LGT GT Brake pads


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I'm at 67k on my LGT with stock rotors and brakes. The pads are VERY thin and the rotors don't appear/feel warped.


I'm looking for the cheapest solution that performs as well as stock and that won't eat the stock rotors up. This is my DD so I don't really need anything.


Could anyone help me out with this and possibly recommend a good dealer for the parts? I'm afraid to get too involved with this because I know how it leads to buying aftermarket parts lol.





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Would definitely upgrade to Carbotech Bobcat or Hawk HPS at a minimum...stock pad compound is not very good and can leave deposits, etc. www.brakeswap.com (Eric, you can thank me later ;-)


Yes, they'll be about $190 for fronts and rears together, but they way you drive, it sounds like it will last you 50k+ miles. To go more on the cheap, you could put good pads up front ($100) then cheaper ones (OEM?) in the rear. Fronts do 70+% of your braking. Don't be too cheap ;-)

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Well I went cheaper than that for sure! I got "Wagner" Ceramics up front and semi-metallic for the rear. They were a little under 100 total.


IMHO the LGT breaking response is very slow (used to brembo's)... but greatly improved with these pads for around town driving. If they don't harm the rotors I'll be happy with them.

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Best pricing on Hawk HPS pads I've found is here:




This is considerably better than TireRack:




I've used TireRack's Satisfied brand on my wife's '01 Outback, a couple of times now. The price is very good, they're equivalent to OEM but a lot cheaper:



Thing is, she's averaging about 20K miles on them, which to me isn't so spectacular for a daily driver, even though the OB is a relatively heavy car.

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We recommend the Hawk HPS for daily driven Subies. We keep at least 2 sets in stock at our shop for all the subies. They will cover all daily driving and some auto-x and even a very occasional track day.



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