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Weird sound on right turns.


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Was driving home the other night when I heard a metal popping sound from underneath the front end. By the time I got home I realized it only happened when I made right turns (not every right turn) and it usually made 2 "pops". Not sure but I think it only happened when there was uneven pavement. The guy riding with me said it sounded like it was coming from the left side of the car.


I jacked the car up and couldn't see anything wrong, but I don't really know what to look for. Car is stock except for Cobb sways.


Any ideas on what I should look for???

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my 05 sedan has made that popping/creaking (like OP said sounds like

two distinct pops) sound about 3 different times. Sound definitely came

from the driver's side wheelarea. All three times it happened were in

the exact same spot.It's when I'm at a complete stop and then i make

a left hand turngoing over a slight apex under fairly hard acceleration (not WOT).

I have also tried to recreate it but no to avail

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Well the sound got worse. It started doing it anytime I was driving over rough pavement. Got under the car again and couldn't see anything wrong.


Thinking I was going to end up taking it to the dealer, I put the factory FSB back on. Now the sound is gone, I think. I just got back from test drive after putting the stock FSB on. Any ideas what the sound could be?

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My car made the same noise...right up until the left front sway bar bushing bolt holding the bushing collar was ripped out and I had a free floating sway bar. Granted, I had installed a fat rear sway bar, sti pink springs(on my spec B) and was making HARD right turns. Careful, I know others who have done this!!
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