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HIDs bad for my car?


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So this may be a stupid question since so many people have them, but I need to make sure now.... why?


My wiring harness caught on fire... for real. Flames, smoke, the whole nine yards.


They (Subaru) said it was a fluke and have barely ever seen this happen. By the time I got my car to the dealership I had taken out my HIDs and replaced with OEM.


These are what I have : http://www.vvme.com/product/detail-20023.html


So electric connector of oem connects vvme connector, goes to ballast, then back to HIDs.


So do I put them back in? Can this harm my ride at all?



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Wow, crazy... man if mine exploded like that I'd be screwed; I'd have no way to explain the holes I drilled in my grommet :rolleyes:


Well I don't wanna say anything, but HID's from different companies are, obviously, different. I have never heard of vvme, and if you buy a HID kit for $40, you should expect $40 worth of quality...


First you should consider obvious causes... Is your engine bay void of water like it should be? If not, was it raining? Water on the ground?

If it is, are all the wires sealed? Any exposed wire ends? Could something have shorted? Any malfunctioning connectors inside which the wires could have shorted?


If you're going to put them back in there, I would suggest a higher quality HID kit. Check out the XTreme HID's on the other threads in this forum.

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Thanks for the info guys. I figured I got a great deal with vvme... but you get what you pay for.


I'm planning on disabling my DRL, but I want to bypass them to my fogs... i'll get around to it one day.


Take care y'all.. until the next fire.

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