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Front Pad replacement walk thru and pad suggestions?


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Well it looks as though my Endless SSS pads are about done. They've got about 25K miles on them that includes 4 track days and at my last tech inspection at the track I was told that there was about 10% left on them. I like the pads and they have held up well on track days with little fade, (4 twenty minute sessions), but I'm really planning on getting lots of days in this season so I've just decided to go for it and swap out pads for track days. This way I can run a nice street pad with low noise and dust most of the time and run something more aggressive for track days.


I'm fairly mechanically inclined and have heard that its easy to swap out pads. Anyone have a link to a post that has a walkthru (hopefully with pics) on how to do this? I've found one for the rears but I assume that the fronts are a different deal? Can someone tell me how long it takes to swap out all the corners once I get the hang of it? I'd rather do it the day before and not the morning of at the track. As much as I liked my SSS's I just can't justify the cost again, most likely go with Carbotech Bobcats for the street and XP8's or XP10's for the track. I'm running DBA 4000 rotors, stainless brake lines and race fluid already...


I want something that is safe enough to drive to and from without rear ending someone on the freeway:rolleyes: Thanks to all for any advice!!

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I think XenonK had a brake pad swap walkthrough on here. The fronts and rears are very similar as far as the process goes. It's kind of funny, I was in the same boat as you for awhile. Ran SS-S for street and light track duty for awhile and then stepped up to XP8's for track use. In hindsight, XP10's would be better suited I think but the XP8's handle heat well and are definitely streetable. I'm still on a set of SS-M for street but I'm giving Hawk HPS a try once they are done. The basic process goes like this:

Jack up the car and remove the wheels

Remove the lower caliper bolt and loosen the top one

Swing the caliper up and use a hanger or wire to keep it from flopping around

Swap out the brake pads

Use a clamp or compressor tool to push the pistons into the caliper so they clear the new pads

Swing the caliper back down and check it's positioning

Bolt it back up

Put wheels back on and bed in your new pads


After you do it a few times it goes quick. Also, it's a good idea to bleed the brakes regularly during the season anyway. I might just run my XP8's full time next month though.

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Gotcha, I'll do a specific search on his post count to see what I can come up with. Thanks for the info, its greatly appreciated. How did your XP8's do on the track? What factors did you find lead you to want to bump up to the XP10's? I'd be tempted to go with them if I could get to/from the track but I fear that would be a bit dangerous.
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I personally run XP8 up front nearly year round (except winter) on the street (you could even run them in the winter, but not ideal). Dusty, but they really grab and I have no concerns with fade (I got Bobcats to fade once on me). For me it's worth it...but that's me. So...you'd have no problems getting from home to the track on XP8...I drive to work every day on them.


On the track:


XP8s worked, but I think by the wear they were getting close to their limit for me (I have R-compound tires...track had some pretty serious braking zones). I'm moving up to XP10s this spring, maybe 12 after that (sounds like Franz and I had similar experiences). However, the XP8 would perform a lot better than your SSS pads from the SSS data I looked at. SSS operating range is 32 to 932 F, where as XP8 is 200-1350 F (!). So...if SSS did ok for you, XP8 may work just fine as they're a better pad for the track than the SSS.


What do you run for tires at the track? R-Compound? That makes a difference as to how much pad you need (along with the track and your driving style/ability).


Would like to hear what tires you're using, but sounds like you'd be fine with XP8 (a step up from SSS), and after wearing those out, you could decide to whether to stick with XP8 or go to 10 or 12. (I get mine from www.brakeswap.com )



(brake compound info)






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