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Selecting a good HID convertion kit...


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Hey, first my ride suffer what here in Puerto Rico says "Un-thinkable accident" (parking crash) and is going for a new make over thanks of my Insurance!! :icon_chee Any way, I’m going to replace most of the front body and exactly I was thinking why not I could replace the "kind of " HID bulbs that I have with new ones and more powerful. :icon_twisWhat type of ballast I might use (H7, H8, H11, 9006,9008... etc) and what color (8000K, 10000K, 12000K... etc)

Also can anybody recommend for a Front grill: OEM or a JDM style... (Just see my avatar and recommend!!) And if I decide to take the JDM style where I can find a non-fiberglass made!!! (Polyurethane or Carbon fib.) because the fiberglass made is very weak...:spin:

Thanks 4 your help!!:dm:

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