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(Advice if you can) 2005 XT - Control Arm - creaking noise from control arms + etc


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I live in New York City and just took my car in for a couple issues, and need your advice before I trust these mechanics in Brooklyn. I dont trust them really..


I came in for :


1. Squeaking belt and streeing wheel stiffness

2. Bad MPG -- im getting 16/22 instead of the 18/24 or higher

3. Creak sound coming from under car when breaking


They charged me:


1. $50 to reset tension on the Power Steering Belt - fixed problem

2. $165 for a 'flush' and complete fuel injection service - not sure yet

3. $80 for Lubricate Suspension and Chassis - did not do anything noticeable


I think I was over charged.


For problem #1 the squeaking.. its all good now. No issues and steering wheel feels fluid again


For problem #2 the bad mpg. I guess I will find out after a full tank, but still almost $200 for this service? How often do you guys have this done?


For problem #3, no difference in creaking noise or anything. They told me its preventive maintenance, and people should get this done. How often?


They also are telling me my car had been in a front end, minor accident because the bumper clips are gone, bumper loose.. and there is less space from tire to wheel well on right side, than the left.. I did the carfax on the previous owner/history of the car and saw no accidents or anything


Anyways... they are telling me now to bring it in for 2 days and replace the control arms and bushings. That this will fix the creaking and cost about $400 per side.


Can you guys please help, im a noob but I want to go into this educated a little



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I don't think you were overcharged... those are appropriate prices for the service performed. However, whether the service was appropriate or not is debatable.


The control arm bushings are a weak point in our cars. Some people have found theirs are failing within 30,000 miles. There are stiffer aftermarket versions that should fit your control arms that will make the car more stable on the highway and over bumps, however they transmit a bit more noise and vibration into the chassis. Coming from someone who is particular about noise and vibration, it is pretty minor compared ot the benefits.


SuperPro and AVO are the brands who make LCA bushings. Search around the forum (and posts started by me) and you will find some good info about them.


BTW, your MPG is within the normal range. My mileage started around 17MPG average and has slowly crept up to ~25MPG due to my driving habits and mix of city/highway. Being in NYC it is entirely plausible that you would see lower average MPG.

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