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Gillman Subaru shop day May 2nd


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*bump* for LGT.com's biggest douche/thief to date!


on two emblems that I made and shipped twice and both people did recieve the items on the second shipping. Yeah I am a huge thief. If you want to bash me please go make your own thread and do not destroy an event that is here to help local Subaru owners.

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I'm new to this shop day thing, so excuse my ignorance. Does this constituteghe use of the bay as well as lifts, etc or just a place to park? Also, are the techs there to help,advise, moral support? How much tipping? Money is somewhat tight and I wouldn't want to show up and then short change someone for any help. I would be looking to do a dp. I have a gutted stocker that I'm replacing with a Stromung but I think I have an exhaust leak that I can't locate and figure someone more experienced can help. I've wrenched on cars (rebuilt motors, headers, brakes,etc) all by myself on several different cars but this is my first suby and always welcome help advice. Thanks,



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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