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Grinding noise


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I own a 5EAT 08 LGT and here is the problem (or might not be?)


when my car is turned off for about an hour+, i start the car, put it in drive, and before/during 1st gear i hear/feel a grinding noise coming from the engine. This only occurs at that time and the car is normal for the rest of the ride. the weather here is around 25-40 degrees for the past weeks. i always warm my car up at least 5 minutes prior to driving off or until the blue temperature light disappears.


if i do end up bringing it to the dealership, am i going to be charged labor if they believe its nothing to worry about? (only have 3,000 miles on it)


im going to bring it in for an oil change soon so maybe they wont charge a 'look through' if i tell them about the problem then...


thoughts and comments much appreciated. :)

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