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Whos grille...


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Took my grilll out for a repaint today, but started thinking perhaps i wil go a new route. I love the look of the car with the big open gap where my grill shell use to be, so id like to capture that look, however the rommel or typical DIY grill have the mesh sitting back to far...like this



Id like one that Doesn't go so far back in, and also is one smooth flat bottom...not like the factory with chrome trim, lip, then interior grille.


I will be paitning it, anyone know a grille that meets this criteria??


mine as of now for referrence

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I got no refrence but would you like to sale yours to a fellow Legacy driver? I want one so bad. It is like the 1st thing I want to do with my car due to the very little cash I have at this time in my life.
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