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What sound could this be?


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I picked up a 95 legacy L wagon for $400.. from what the seller told me it needed a new water pump and new radiator and needs exhaust work done.. has 198K on it and the CEL is on..


what is odd about it is for like 20 seconds after starting the car if you bip the throttle it goes into this loping rough sounding run.. I have it recorded but say if you start the car and don't touch anything and hit the throttle it sounds normal other then my exhaust leak.

I won't know what codes are stored until I pull the code and I can't drive more then 2 miles before the car starts to get too hot but maybe someone might have a clue with the sound file...


all I know engine-wise is he had the wires and the spark plugs replaced not too long ago but I have not checked them out to see what they are...


here is the file..


the first file is the car running cold and me tapping the throttle and you can hear the sound of the car running funny.




Another file after the car is warm with me making a small run down a street



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