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Window coatings affecting Garmin GPS traffic module reception?


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I just bought a Garmin traffic module for my Nuvi 360. When I was setting it up inside my house (about six feet from a window), I was able to pick up the traffic signals from Philadelphia, which is about 90 miles from me.


When I put the unit into my 05 LGT and pulled out of the garage... Nada. No traffic signal whatsoever.


If I mount the GPS near the side of the windshield and hang the antenna out of an open side window, then I get reception.


Are our windows coated with something that would interfere with an FM radio signal?


I haven't driven closer to a metro area with FM traffic yet, so hopefully a stronger signal would get through...


It's pretty amazing that I could get the FM traffic signal inside my house but not inside my car.

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I have the Garmin 765T and I do not have a problem picking up traffic. I can tell you that the time it takes to pickup the traffic varies. Typically, after about 3-5 mins of driving my traffic icon populates on my nav. Other times, I might receive my traffic icon immediately or after 15 mins of driving. While this is less common, it does happen. Give your nav some more testing and likely you will come up with similar results.


I always attributed this variance to whatever more localized traffic may or may not exist at the time. Also, I am not familiar with the 360 but my receiver is located within my car adaptor so I would not be able to get traffic outside the car. Is your traffic receiver located in the unit itself?

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