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Wheel vibration/rotor question


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About 3 weeks ago, I had new Kumho ASX tires from Tirerack mounted up at a local NTB on my LGT. Just over the last two weeks, I've noticed an annoying vibration starting around 65 mph and worst around 70 mph. Also, when I hit the brakes, the steering wheel starts to shake severely. Now, before I got the new tires on, there wasn't even a hint of vibration at all.

I haven't taken the car back to NTB (yet) as I assume the tires were balanced correctly before they were put on. My receipt shows the torque specs for the wheels, but I'm wondering if the guy just gunned the wheels down with an impact wrench and possibly warped my rotors? Honestly, I really don't see that happening, but you never know. I rotated the tires from to back and it seemed better for a day, but it's back to being severe again.

Any other ideas? Would I feel warped rotors when on the highway and not on the brakes? I would think not, but I guess it's possible. I should note that the rotors "look" perfect, as in no gouges at all, plenty of material left.


Everything's stock, BTW (wheels, brakes, pads)...

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You would feel warped rotors when not on the brake only if 1, they were warped and 2, a caliper was sticking at the same time. It could be as simple as they were balanced incorrectly, it could be a tire defect. There's a few things it could be. I'd say go somewhere else and have another place balance them. Or, if you want to fight it, go back and ask NTB to rebalance because they shake. If possible, ask for a Road Force Balance to be done. That will find any defects in wheels or tires.


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