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studder questions for 05 gt


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I just bought an 05 gt that I believe has the stutter issue that I have read so much about. Between 2000-2800 rpm the car lurches a bit. OBDII shows old O2 sensor faults that I have cleared and have not returned yet...The car has an intercooler, down pipe, cold air and cat back. I bought the car from a dealer and they have no idea if the car has been tuned or not for the aftermarket accessories. How should I proceed with getting studder fixed? If there is an aftermarket tune, how can I tell and if the dealer flashes my ECU will it affect that in any way?
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The dealer should be able to tell if you have an aftermarket tune or not. If they cant let everyone know the dealer so we can have work done on our modded cars under warrenty. lol


Anyway to answer your question if the dealer reflashes your car that means they are basically tuning the car back to stock, so you will loose your tune if you do have one.

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Lots of posts all over the board on stutter.


Here are search results on "stutter".




If you have a car that has stutter chances are that it has stock tune. You can do a dealer reflash but it will come back.


If you do a reflash with Cobb AP or a semi-custom map virtually all of the problem will go away.


If you get a protune chances are you will have no stutter at all providing that you are using a decent tuner.


Good luck.

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