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FS: CO NEW Invidia Catted DP and Up and Gaskets $600.00


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I bought this stuff to take my car stage 2 once the bumper to bumper was up next week. But I have gotten cold feet due to recent developments with my car, and the fact I can't afford to risk Subaru giving me any grief on the 100k Warranty I got them to give me.


So My loss is your gain.


I have 1 A/T Invidia Catted Down Pipe A/T $500 Local Cash! W/ Gaskets

1 Uncatted Invidia Up Pipe $110 Local Cash! W/ Gaskets

All The Gaskets You need to do the job Right


I will Sell the set for $600.00 Local Cash. This stuff is still in the boxes, I took it out to inspect it and put it back in. Never Been Installed.


I Also have a 3" - 2.5" Converter for SPT, Borala or Stock Exhaust and a Donut Gasket I will let go for $60.00 (Gasket Alone is like $20 bucks!) The Converter is very nicely made and tappers down to the 2.5


I have Nearly $750.00 With Shipping Invested here.



P.S. This is killing me to sell.

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Ya, But there is to much risk that Dealer will Know ive done mods and will give me warranty grief about the car. If I had an 07+ I would just bolt on the downpipe and change it out if I had a problem but with having an 05 Ive got a cat in the Up so thats gotta go too =(


The car has a bunch of suspension mods on it so when they see that stuff they start digging for reasons to claim after market mods. I had a hell of a fight with them to get to find the real problem (2 cracked pistons) this last time.

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Car was found to have 2 cracked pistons and were replaced under 3/36 bumper to bumper guarantee. Took 7 Total trips to the dealer and getting pretty nasty with them but the magically found the problem. There was a whole thread about the exciting time with Subaru posted up here some where.


I did get them to give me a Gold Plus plan for 7/100k as a goodwill gesture so all in all it worked out ok. Just sadly cant go stage 2 any more.

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