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08 5EAT stage 2 dyno


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Finally went stage 2 a little more than a week ago. Thanks to Mike and Greg at GST Motorsports.

I went to GST for Cobb HFC DP install and baseline dyno. I was going for a protune, but Mike suggested me to flash to Cobb OTS stage 2 map and log it see if the car likes it.

Mike did dyno run with data log, and the car likes it. He said he could add few more hp with protune, but it's not worth the money. Saved me $200+

I'm really happy with the result. The car pulls much harder and more low end torque. :D


Does anyone have stock 08/09 5EAT on mustang dyno? I searched but couldn't find 08s.


Here's the dyno chart:



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Seems kinda low to me...


So you guys don't have catbacks? or dropin filters?

just wondering what numbers i could expect :)


Catbacks and drop-in filters will do little to nothing for power increase on a stock turbo..

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Ahh, and yea that makes more sense now because hes in a 5EAT.


Yea i was under the impression a catback add more hp, and a filter helped smooth out the pull/curve


Anyway, not bad then for just a DP and OTS Stg2

So the real power gains in Stg2 are seen from DP and UP? Basically a full Turbo-back setup?

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Get the protune! my 08 5eat put down 236whp and 240lb on PDX's mustang dyno. The only thing i have more is the Perrin tmic................you will be even more happy

Your numbers look great!

I have no idea why my tuner thinks it's not worth the money for the power gain from a tune, but I'm happy with the OTS stage 2 so far.

I think it's the first 08 5eat on his dyno.

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There's a lot more than just power to be gained from a good custom tune. I don't know enough to really explain the details of it, someone like Infamous1 probably could. There's a world more consistency and smoothness to be pulled out of the car. My OTS Cobb was kind of all over the place, and had real issues with controlling boost in any sort of consistent fashion.


I would recommend to anyone running an OTS to have a boost gauge and be watching for your boost creeping past 18psi. I was hitting 24psi on the Stage 2 1.03 maps, which is scary.

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^Pierce did you break into the 12.XX with the stock turbo yet :)


Are you sure those 2/10's weren't weather related?


13.332 Is my lowest.... It was actually 10* colder when i ran before....


Still need to do the up-pipe... Positive thats worth a 1/10.... Idk if the stock mufflers are hurting me at all they says its worth 10-12 chp so that could potentially be a 1/10... They over the summer I wanna do equal length headers which should dip me into the high 12s but we'll see....



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