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I know this doesn't belong in a Legacy forum but wanted to see what kind of advice you guys could give me besides putting this in a different forum :lol:.


I just changed the plugs on my mom's 2003 Honda Accord EX and I managed to break a screw. Its a screw that's holding the coil pack in. It managed not to break underneath the coil or above the coil, but in the middle of the coil. So the coil can still wiggle but cannot be removed. I don't know what to do. It doesn't seem like it's hurting anything considering there's an extra cover above the coils that is screwed on to ensure they don't come up. Also, this screw is the one that goes through the top cover and a nut comes down on it to make sure the cover is on. Any advice? I got a picture attached of whats going on and how this screw sits. Thanks.


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