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over heating problem

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i have a legacy estate L reg. since i changed the rad i have had problems with it overheating on acasion ie after a long jorney,loss of water was there to but found out that this was due to the expansion tank over flowing . have replaced the thermostat ,was ok for a while but the prob came back . also one journey after 90 mile temp started to go up so i stopped to check ,i was able to take of the rad cap with no problem and the water was cool ,with the expansion tank full of water and none in the rad . also when driving as around 70 for a while the temp guage goes down to cold after a while

any idea what my problem is

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1. Check head gaskets. They are going bad on some models and in severe cases a bad head gasket can blow your radiator.

2. Also make sure that the system is properly bled from all air. There are locations that can trap air in weird places.

3. A new thermostat is no guarantee that it's a good thermostat. You can test it by boil it in a pot and watch what happens.

4. Make sure that the fans works. You may have an electrical fault, like a bad thermostat or fan controller.


You didn't mention which model year and engine you have.

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