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PICS of the new grocery getter...

grocery getter

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Not a subie but still have my 08 Spec B...picked this bad boy up about a month ago to replace my 04 Forester STI...(R.I.P.)...still getting use to how high the Jeep is off the ground and the fact that it still handles pretty tight for a 4700 lbs truck! Gotta love that 6.1 Hemi and AWD!!


Stock for about 5 minutes...:)











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So far....


Appearance: tinted tail light, side markers, mattted stripes on hood, clear bra

Performance: Diablo Predator tuner



Borla S exhaust (5 inch tips!), Bwoody sway bars, Bwoody CAI, aftermarket DVD player-nav-xm radio (from my Fozzy), black out all chrome and powder coat stock wheels matt black, upgrade pads and rotors for the stock Brembo's and custom tune


After that possibly a Vortech kit....:spin: at sea level guys are running a solid 11.4-11.6 in the 1/4 mile with that kit mad power!!

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Thanks guys!! I wanted something different then the Subie but still needed a AWD wagon / SUV and that narrowed the list to the Jeep SRT8, Audi S4 avant, Volvo V70R, and a Legacy Wagon or another Fozzy. Miss having a manual but that's why I have my other car's. So far so good.


And thanks to Tommypenguin I'm going to get the FP green for the Spec B!!

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