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Enkei RS+M 17x7.5 +48 vs 18x8 +45 and tires


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Been shopping with my wife for summer rims. We've compromised on Enkei RS+M's. ("Compromise" works wonders sometimes...i hope we can compromise on a stage 2 package soon :lol:.) On a 05 lgt wagon that has stock suspension, and may or may not be lowered in some future - depending, again, on an element of compromise, which rim size would be best? Aesthetically, I notice that many forum members prefer 17" on stock suspension. After looking at a tonne of pics, I agree with this. The rub is that I may be able to get the 18" rims at a decent discount. Any opinions?

Would the 18"'ers, at +45. stick out too much on the wagon?


Secondly, as my stock rims will now have tires devoted to winter, I'm wondering what to do for summer tires - probably 225/45/17's if getting the 17x7.5 wheel. In particular, I'm looking at summer performance (Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 ) vs all seasons (Brigestone Potenza RE960AS). Any preferences?



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