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Exhaust hitting Energy Sway Bushings - ideas?


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Installed my new Energy swaybar bushings in rear. Unfortunately with aftermarket exhaust, the Y pipes are right up against the bushings (only about 1/8" gap...and realize the exhaust moves back and forth some under hard cornering. Concerned with knocking and with bushings melting under heat from exhaust.


So if I keep the bushings (I really like them and the grease fitting), some options I've thought about:


a) Move exhaust back about 1/4": Try to put a spacer or something between DP and mid-pipe to move the exhaust all back 1/4".


b) Move frame sway mounts forward 1/4": Not sure if the frame's sway mounts (the ones that many think need beefing up) are bolted or welded to the frame. Thought of taking or cutting off, strengthening, and moving forward 1/4". A lot of work. Can't move much more than that or bar and endlinks will interfere with other components.

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That's a thought. I'd like to figure out some kind of spacer to try too between DP and mid-pipe--like an oversized exhaust donut gasket or something. It needs to only add like 1/4" to 1/2". Maybe some sort of metal gasket with a donut gasket on each side, rather than just the single gasket that's in there now. Hmmmm.


I haven't taken it off yet, but I'm assuming once I break the DP to mid connection, the exhaust will move rearward a 1/2" pretty easily (it's not bolted anywhere I don't think...just hangars).

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