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Crap, dead AP and stage 2 tomorrow


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Shit! I just did all the hardware install for stage 2 today and was gonna reflash in the morning. I wanted to update my AP to the latest firmware tonight but the damn thing froze! After running the AP Updater at the step that it "reboots" the AP and waits on the message that the AP may take a few moments to come up, it locked up. When I plug in to it the initial AccessPort screen with CAD drawing background comes up and that is it.No amount of plugging it in an unplugging it works.


Thoughts on what i could do to fix this? Thoughts on what i should do to flash to stage 2? Hell at this point i just want to get a map on there so i can drive the car without errors while i send this off to cobb to get fixed.


Help, anyone?!?!?!

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