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power supply for cubby


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Wanting to do a neat installation of my radar detector and

Sirius Stratus 4, and wanting to keep the cigarette-lighter outlets

free (for cell phones and the like) and minimize the wires running

all over the place ...


So I built a tiny custom power supply that is attached to the cubby

and supplies 5v (for the radio) and 3v (for the radar) via coaxial DC

power jacks (like those on any appliance that connects to a wall wart).

Picture are attached.


I also fabricated little cables to run from the DC jacks to the devices.

There will also be a 3.5mm stereo audio jack for the radio. I couldn't

figure out as clean a way to do the antenna, so I just snake the wire

through the opening at the top of the cubby door. The radio will be

mounted to the floor of the cubby using ryobi1's mount and an

810-AMP suction-cup mount.


The power supply is built on a tiny piece of circuit board using some

high-efficiency DC-to-DC converters and a few capacitors. The PCB

is then glued to the top of the cubby with silicon sealant. The red/black

wire pair connect to 12VDC (using the bullet connectors) via a wire

connected to a chassis member behind the radio area (be careful, not

all bare metal is a good ground, even for low-current) and to the center

element of the cigarette-lighter by the ashtray. I can provide

info on sourcing the various parts if there is interest ...




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Here is a really simple solution as well.

Put in a couple of standard aux power sources.


Later on I added two forms audio in.


The metal sheet is also pretty cool. It is a flat sheet of metal I screwed in for a couple of holders like the one pictured below that holds my iPhone in the console.



Here is a pic of where I tapped the power for the aux ports in the console.


This is the cigarette lighter plug.

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Ooh, I like that you tapped into the lighter harness - instead of the way

I did it - since I have one more thing to disconnect from the lighter/ashtray

piece (the 12v line to the lighter).


You tapped into the black wire for GND and yellow/green for 12v, right ?

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