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Odd... :confused: That page is actually a description of "From Kissing to Fùcking by Car".


Maybe someone thought that it contained too many naughty words - which actually are names of places and perfectly appropriate pictures unless you count the birthplace of Hitler as inappropriate.


We did this travel in reality but of course far longer than in the 2 hours and 8 minutes given in the interactive Michelin roadmap to come from Kissing to Fúcking. Our stops were among others Augsburg (of which Kissing is more or less a suburb but in an other Landkreis and with an own Major, townhall etc.), we passed Munich (but did not stop there this time), enjoyed the idyllic Wasserburg am Inn, continued to Petting at the lake Waginger See from where we wanted to enter Austria over the Salzach bridge at Tittmoning but because the bridge was closed - only a few days before the floods of the Salzach river devastated the area around the bridge - so we drove north via Burghausen and crossed the river on the bridge leading to the Austrian Duttendorf from were we within a few minutes reached Tarsdorf and Fúcking. We shall of course provide pages of all these places!


Anti-virus software gone wild?


The top of the page contains some travel agency links and things like that, but just scroll down a bit.

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